What’s Next in 2020!

This January we have reflected on five things that Christians still believe in 2020. I have enjoyed this sermon series as a reminder that we are not driven by the latest and greatest but on the immovable truth of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know who God is and what he is like because we trust his word and he has given us a huge promise of eternal life and a job to do in talking to people about Jesus.

So, what next? Here are a few things on the horizon that I want you to know about and encourage you to get involved in.

The Growth Group Launch Night. This Wednesday night, at our annual Growth Group Launch night, I will be sharing which parts of scripture and doctrine that we will be looking at this year in Growth Groups and in our Sunday services. We have a year planned for “2020 vision”.

Summer Ministry Training Week. That starts this week and is filled with ways to grow in your Christian ministry. Details can be found here.

Mental Health 101. This half day workshop is running next Saturday, the 1st of Feb. Registration for this is through the Summer Ministry Training Week form. The Rev. Dr. Keith Condie will be sharing his knowledge, experience and pastoral heart in the area of mental health.

Big Day In 2020. It’s been two years since Simon Manchester spoke at our last BDI and I’m excited for what we have prepared for this year’s event. Kanishka Raffell, from St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, will teach and encourage us from 2 Peter. The whole day will be excellent as I’m sure that all who went last year would agree. The date is the 21st of March from 9am until 7pm. You can register for that right now.

Annual General Meeting. Our next AGM is scheduled for the 15th of March. This will be a combined parish AGM and is an important time for management in our church. More details will come down the track.

And that’s just the beginning. See the 2020 “big items” calendar below in this newsletter for dates for the women’s retreat, the men’s Muster and even when the 2020 Carol’s service is planned.

In all of this we give thanks to God who has given us the message of Christ to dwell richly among us so that in all that we do, whether in word or in deed, we do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Yours in Christ,
Simon Twist
Acting Rector