What goes in the blank?

Dear Friends,

The “Jesus is…” Mission we are involved in during March is going to provide you with many opportunities to share with others the reasons why you trust Jesus. And it is important that we are prepared. The Scriptures say: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”
(1 Peter 3:15)

Through the remainder of this month in church and in our Growth Groups we are going to be encouraging and helping each other to be prepared. The opening gambit is where it all starts – When someone asks what “Jesus is…” is all about, you say, “We are interested in people’s opinions. Jesus is… what goes in the blank?” Then pause and let them talk. But then….

What comes next can be a mixture of their opinion or awkwardness. They are, however, likely to ask you “what goes in the blank” and you need to be ready. Here is the procedure for preparing your own response:

  1. Pray for wisdom in preparation and courage in conversation.
  2. Remember we are looking at something no longer than 30, or at the outside 60, seconds (5-10 sentences).
  3. Select your favourite way of completing the sentence that is neither odd nor jargon (so by way of example, don’t choose… Jesus is beautiful, my lover, homoousion or perichoretically trinitarian).
  4. Double-check your answer is a good one by discussing it with others for theological and apologetic pros and cons (e.g. any unintended pitfalls, does it lead to or from the gospel, etc?)
  5. Find a verse to helpfully back up the point, if you can (not too obscure, and optional in terms of using it.)
  6. Write a very brief script. Aim at 5-6 sentences.
  7. Memorise the starting words and finishing sentence and just the key points, as 2-3 dot points, (and memorise the verse if you think it useful!)
  8. Practice it with a friend or in your Growth Group.

So, give it a go! And if you would like some help, just ask a member of staff and we would be pleased to sit and help you decide on an answer and prepare well.

In Christ