Dear Friends,

Every day we are on mission according to the Lord of our Church, Jesus, meaning we are to look for opportunities to speak to our friends and join in the normal activities of our church. Obviously Mission doesn’t stop there, for example there is also the Mission Week at this time of year. This year this special Mission Week is on March 29 to April 5.

It just so happens that this year is different. Aside from the drought, the bushfires, the torrential rains and floods, there is also the Covid-19 crisis spreading across the whole world. It threatens death to countless people, especially in poorer countries and also economic disaster as governments struggle to contain the fallout of this potential new plague.

All of these raise the question, who is in charge? We humans think we are, but what if God wants to send a message that he is in charge and we should not forget it? We can’t read the mind of God but these massive blows to the natural order may well cause people who otherwise don’t think much about him, to think again.

In that connection, this year’s Mission Week provides a great opportunity to engage with people about these troubling times. The sermons at the services on the two Sundays will be bringing a special challenge for people to discover who Jesus really is and why they should consider his offer of salvation as well as his help in times of trouble.

In addition, there will be special Jesus is … events. These will be on Tuesday March 31 at 7.30pm and Tuesday April 1 at 10.45am. These events are designed for you to invite your friends to hear four of our fellow members each give a four-minute talk each on some aspect of Jesus’ life as a springboard for discussion in a friendly atmosphere of supper or morning tea.

Can I encourage you to be thinking and praying about who you could invite? Also will you pray that God will be working powerfully in the hearts and minds of people in our community that in these troubling times they might reach out to the one who said, ‘come unto to me all you who are troubled and heavy laden and I will give you rest.’

Your friend,

Bruce Ballantine-Jones