Weekly Letter

Dear Friends.

I am beginning to get a handle on all the things that go on in the parish and I think that by the time I leave I will know almost as much as you do.

For a start, next Sunday March 15 after the 10am service the Annual General Meeting will take place in the Church. This is not necessarily the most exciting event of the year but it is certainly one of the most important. We will receive reports on how the parish went last year and we will be electing people to serve on the parish council and other important roles. Can I encourage you to come and play your part in the good management of the two churches that make up the parish?

Just as important but in a different way is the Big Day In on Saturday 21 March. Our guest speaker is Kanishka Raffel who is the Dean of Sydney and a leading voice for the Christian faith in our community. I have known Kanishka for many years and appreciated his leadership for the gospel in the national church and more recently in our Diocese. You will be inspired and encouraged by his addresses and his warm and friendly personality. Beside that part of the program there are fantastic activities for the children and in the afternoon some games for everybody and plenty of fresh hot pizzas to feast on.

Of course the whole event, as you know better than I, is to sit under the Word and to enjoy real fellowship.  Those two words sum up what ‘church’ is for.

Don’t forget the location: New Life Anglican Church, corner of Central Avenue and Marcus Loane Way, Oran Park. The time is 9am to 7pm. To register go to campbelltownanglican.org/bdi2020.

Heather and I are looking forward to be the opportunity to meet more and more of you in a much less rushed setting than we experience on Sundays.

Your friend,

Bruce Ballantine-Jones