Weekly Letter – 1st May, 2020

Dear Friends,

The other day while flicking across the channels, I came across a news commentary program that was complaining about all the restrictions that have been imposed on us because of the Coronavirus. It was said that they weren’t necessary, or if they once were, they aren’t any longer. It said they were a denial of our human rights and were forcing us to conform on pain of fines.

This approach accords with what we see on TV in the U.S. with demonstrations demanding that the lock-ins be lifted.

I wondered what they thought about the more than one hundred thousand people who have already died.

In Australia, because the infection rate has dropped to nearly zero, the various states are beginning to split on how soon, or how far, the restrictions should be lifted.

Then there are the medical experts who are saying that if we lift the rules too soon we are in grave risk of opening ourselves up to a ‘second wave’ of infections.

On top of all this, there are those who point to the economic disaster unfolding across the world which is threatening to bring the most calamitous downturn since the great depression.

And so the argument rages on.

What are we to make of all this?

From a Christian point of view, we know that all of life in this fallen world is fraught with dangers and disasters. We look forward to the time when Jesus returns and calls time on this present age and replaces it with what the Book of Revelation calls the ‘new heaven and the new earth’, when ‘he will wipe away every tear from our eyes and death will be no more.’

Still, we do not know when this will be, so how are to live while we wait?

That is the question that the Book of the Revelation addresses, only the situation addressed back then was more about deadly persecution of believers, much like they are facing in China and some Muslim countries today.

We are called upon to trust God. He has not lost control and he works all things together for the good of those who love him.

We are to be patient and to do good to all people as we have opportunity.

Above all we are to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, the lamb who was slain but who lives for evermore and will be with us always.

Your friend,

Bruce Ballantine- Jones
Acting Rector