Weekly Letter – 19th June, 2020

Dear Friends,

As you will be aware, events relating to the opening up of church related activities are moving very quickly. For the period up to July 1 the Archbishop has advised that:

Gatherings such as Bible studies, can now resume in peoples’ homes. As up to 20 visitors (not including residents of the households) are now permitted to assemble. Although there is no 4 square metre rule for gatherings in homes, it would be prudent to encourage people to continue to practice social distancing and hand sanitation in home gatherings.

In our case, we are leaving it to the discretion of Growth Group leaders as to the extent to which they wish to take advantage of this, with the additional request that they use caution, register attendance, and exercise social distancing. Whatever else may be allowed will depend on future government and diocesan decisions.

As for the return to live services, arrangements are being made for this to occur as soon as practicable. These will involve quite complicated procedures to safeguard people’s health and safety.

Please be assured that as soon as it possible we will be meeting together again and resuming normal life as a vibrant and loving church family.

Your friend,

Bruce Ballantine-Jones
Acting Rector