Tomorrow is Another Day to Serve the Lord

Dear friends,

Our Church is a body of people who are committed to
– Proclaiming the good news;
– Remembering the good news together;
– Humbly responding to the good news; and
– Caring for others with good news shaped love.

These are of course the things our church has been on about for generations – since 1823 no less -and I am confident that these will be the things that our church is on about until the Lord returns. I am confident to say this because of the work of the Lord in your lives and in the leaders among you.

It has been an enormous privilege to serve with our staff team. One of the greatest sadnesses in leaving is leaving behind a team that is gospel-centered, cohesive, like-minded, creative, thoughtful, compassionate, and downright fun.

As I said on Saturday night, I have learned so much from each one of them and they have taught me to follow Christ, trust Christ, listen to the Word of Christ and pray. We have laughed and laughed, cried and struggled together under God and in God’s strength to build Christ’s ministry on the solid rock of the Word of God. I am so thankful for it all.

Leanne has been a tower of strength. She has taught me how to love and pastor people. She has demonstrated endurance and grace. She has modelled the Gospel and preached the Gospel with energy and perseverance. She has taught me that a cheeky smile gets anyone a long way and that ministry should be fun. Her prayer life is a constant reminder that Jesus is more reliable than anyone or anything. And her long ministry here that we have drawn alongside shows that Campbelltown is definitely an excellent place to serve, and do life and ministry.

Mick, Kylie, Michael, Sarah, Jason, and Simon have been wonderful servants of the Lord and I urge you to encourage them and everyone who joins in the work and labours at it in Campbelltown. They are carrying on the work of the Lord.

What happens now?
Our church will continue proclaiming, remembering, responding to and showing the love of the Gospel. In many ways, it is just business as usual. The work of the Lord goes on!

I am officially on annual leave from December 19 until February 23 and during that time Simon will take over responsibility for managing the Parish. In early February the Bishop, in consultation with the Wardens and staff will officially appoint a person to be Acting Senior Minister from February 24. The Nominators remain hard at work and your prayers for them and our future Senior Minister are important! They will report on progress when they are able.

Friends, it has been a joy and a delight to serve Jesus in your midst. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. My love to all of you in Christ Jesus.

With great thanks,