SMTW2020 information

Life can be like shooting a Super Soaker. This is a water gun that uses manually pressurised air to squirt water at greater distances than the conventional water pistol. Before pulling the trigger, the backyard soldier pumps the barrel several times to get the maximum energy behind their spray. When that powerful shot runs out of steam then you prepare the gun again for the next.

That feels the same to me about life. The energy that we spend in the middle of the year has got to come from somewhere. For many, the first month of the year is the time to adjust your stance, refill the tank, pump up the pressure and aim the barrel where you want to shoot.

Do you get the analogy? Before we begin this year in full throttle, it would pay to work out what you aim to do this year and whether you are ready to do it.

When it comes to church ministry, it is a good idea to stop and think about what we do and how we do it. The Summer Ministry Training Week (SMTW) is aimed at preparing us for the year ahead. Check out the list of workshops that we are offering this year and ask yourself, why would I not do that? The week begins on the 28th of January, concludes on the 1st of February, there is no cost for any of the workshops and you opt in to as many sessions as you are able.

In Christ,
Simon Twist
Acting Rector