Proverbs – The Way of Wisdom – May-June 2016

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Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 says, “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.” Doesn’t that sound childish? Like when you ask a child, “Why do you like that?” And their response is, “Because I like it!”

But the verse continues and says, “Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.” The message becomes a little clearer. Wisdom is not so much about reaching the end of a long journey, but about starting out on that journey. Wisdom is right at our doorstep and our starting point for wisdom is to choose that door. Wisdom will be hard to grasp because it will be costly. But it is worth it.

We will be looking at wisdom this term as we journey through the book of Proverbs together at St Peter’s Anglican Church and St Andrew’s Anglican Church. Each Sunday, at our regular services, we will look at a section of the book and get understanding together. Our mid-week Growth Groups will also look together at the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament and see how this ancient text is very much a living document for us today.

You can also join us this term to read through the book of Proverbs in your own bible reading time. Use this PDF to read through Proverbs daily this term (April25 to July17). Before reading, pray briefly that God would give you wisdom. Then read the small section for each day. Talk to God again about what the words have said and mean. Ask Him for help to understand and put His word into practice. Then get on with you day and do it all again tomorrow! Read, pray and get on with your day.

Everyone is welcome to our Sunday church services. We love seeing new faces and do try to make everybody feel welcome.