Our God Reigns

I am sorry about the pun but I wish to begin by thanking God for the rain. As the rain started coming down last week, I heard radio presenters joke about who had decided to wash their car – perhaps we can thank them  for the rain. I believe in both the natural cycle of the weather in all its complexity as well as the sovereignty of God who is the God of tomorrow. We have been praying for rain and relief for many weeks and months. We may well begin to pray about flood situations! I would like to thank God for His powerful hand over all situations.

In Matthew Chapter 6, Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow because God has got it. He told us that when it comes to our needs, be like Christians who know and trust God, rather than be like those who do not know God nor actively trust Him. When we need something, we take that request to God who knows what we need even before we ask Him for it. We have needed rain and it has come. We will continue to need things which we will need to trust God with. Jesus also told us, in Matthew Chapter 6, to seek first the Kingdom of God and allow God to worry about everything else. The one thing that we need to pursue is the Kingdom of God because I am not the King – God is. Our God reigns.

SRE year 5 teacher opportunity.

Our involvement in two local schools is almost complete with SRE teachers ready to go and teach young people about Jesus. We have a space, however, for a volunteer to take on a year 5 class between 10:30am and 11am on Wednesdays during school days. I ask everybody to pray to God and ask Him to raise up a person for this ministry. Training and support are provided. Contact the office or James Massey if you are interested – even just curious.

The Big Day In

A one day event for all church members to attend is coming up on the 21st of March. This is like doing a weekend away all in one day! Kanishka Raffel is coming to speak to us on 2 Peter. Primary age people have a program being run for them during those talk times. All food is provided for the day. We are holding it again at Oran Park Anglican (Newlife). Registration is now open now at campbelltownanglican.org/bdi2020

6 Steps to Loving Your Church

Our Growth Groups started a 6 week course on loving our church last week. For those who are not in a Growth Group, Leanne Burns is running sessions on this material at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoons at the church. If you missed her first one (9th Feb), I’m sure she would love to have you start next week.

See you in church,

Simon Twist
Acting Rector