New ministries and gospel partnerships in 2017.

The New Year brings about new opportunities.  One of the new opportunities which 2017 has brought was a chance for our church to partner with Wedderburn Christian Camps in running one of their Primary-school aged summer camps. 5 members of our church (Kyle, Billy, Kristy, Jasmine and Mick) lead on this camp in partnership with the team from Wedderburn.  It was an excellent time away – there were many laughs, some sleep deprivation, great gospel conversations, and many of these primary aged kids really grew in their knowledge of Jesus, with 6 praying to commit their lives to Jesus.  Praise God for his work in their lives!

But more than just a week away, this camp also gave us a strategic opportunity to invite 28 campers, all of whom are from our local area, to join our soon-starting Afternoon Kids Group.  A week on from camp, we have already spoken with a number of parents and carers whose children have been extremely keen to join with us week by week in this group.  In partnership with Wedderburn, we have had a great moment of connecting with families and kids with whom we would have no connection otherwise.  Continue to be praying that these kids and their families might come to be connected within our church and to grow to know and follow Christ faithfully.

Our Afternoon Kids Group will be starting on February 10th and will run on Friday each week of the school term between 4:30pm and 6:00pm.  This group will be running for primary aged students (years 3-6).  Each week the kids can expect games, songs, craft, a short bible talk, discussion groups, prayer and a light afternoon tea.  It will be the kind of group which will be easy for kids to be able to invite friends along who don’t yet know Jesus, so please be praying for and encouraging them to do so boldly.

In Christ,