“His Kingdom will never end”.

The angel Gabriel said this to Mary in Luke 1:33. Our world history is flavoured with the stories of many different kingdoms. From the Babylonians to the British Empire. Every generation and every culture has its stories of leaders who have risen to power only to fall or hand their throne over to somebody else.

But Jesus is different.

His kingdom will never end.

He qualifies as our king because he was there from all eternity and is in control of everything (Colossians 1:17). He qualifies as the king we need because he came into this world to save sinners. And he qualifies as our king yesterday, today and forever because he is risen from the dead and he is Lord. There will be no other kingdom that supersedes his.

Christmas day is going to come and go soon. Like the power and importance of every world leader that tries to fix this world for us, Christmas 2019 will travel into history. But the forever king who we celebrate each year will never be disqualified from his kingdom. He did not come to us in order to prove himself worthy to be king. He came to make us worthy to be part of his kingdom.

What we always needed was our sins forgiven. What we need is a true king who can make a difference for us. We are told in Luke 1:77 that we have a Christmas message for all people which is “knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of sins”.

Jesus is King. 

His kingdom will never end.

The church has this message of salvation that will not pass away with the passing of Christmas. We can know salvation. We can share that salvation message with others. We can know peace with God because of the king who will always reign.

In Christ,
Simon Twist
Acting Rector