God’s Gospel Going Out

Dear friends,

In this last series of newsletter articles, I am seeking to look back and give thanks for the great work God has been doing in our church over the last decade and beyond. My second observation about our church, that I have rejoiced in and given thanks for, relates to your passion to share the Gospel with others.

Seeking to grow the Kingdom is part of the DNA of our church. One of the many things that excited Nicky and I in coming to Campbelltown was the vision of previous ministers who started schools both onsite and later at Menangle. Coming first from the mouth of Governor Macquarie, the desire to operate schools here is almost 200 years old and the purpose of the schools has always been to educate children in the ways of Christ.

But running schools is not the only strategy for reaching our community with the Gospel. I have been so encouraged by the many who pray regularly for their unbelieving family and friends and who have invited them to come to church and various events to hear the good news of the death and resurrection of Christ.

It was Peter who spoke of Jesus when he said to the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to humankind by which we must be saved.” It has delighted me that the people of this church that bears the name of Peter (and all the congregations connected to it) believe the same thing. I have been so thankful for the way you quickly embraced many of the crazy mission ideas the staff have come up with. I am constantly amazed at the number of people who invite friends to our Jesus is nights and women’s events. Praise God that you are working towards people believing in and confessing Christ.

So let me encourage you: don’t hide your faith. Give answers for the hope you have. Tell people why you are a Christian. The only way to muck it up is to say nothing! Prioritise praying for people. Pray for God to do a mighty work and save people who are not Christian.

Work at naturally introducing your trust in Jesus into conversation – tell people you went to church, share something you learnt at church, share a Christian perspective on what is being discussed. A great way to bear witness to the glory of God and your faith in him is to offer pray for someone. Someone shares a trouble, a stress, a problem – just say, “Can I pray for you?” It’s a powerful witness to your trust in God.

Invite people to church. Every Sunday is a good Sunday to bring a friend!
Your DNA is to preach Christ and if I have encouraged you to continue doing that, I am thankful.

In Christ