Get Wisdom!

This term you have an opportunity to make a significant change to your life. A change that could reshape everything and bring greater satisfaction, perspective, hope and joy. A change that will be hard to make but worth every moment of the blood, sweat and tears it may take. A change that you are empowered to make by the one who dwells within you.

The question is, will you keep in step with His desires for you and make it?

Sadly, our lives are centered around the acquisition of stuff for enjoyment and for safety in the future. We work to pay for things we want. We work to put learning in our minds and in the minds of our family. We work to put a roof over our head. We work so we can play later. We focus so much on work and acquisition that the bigger things in life can pass us by. The bigger things like the acquisition of wisdom, prudence, discretion and insight. We need to change this.

This term in church we will be helping each other to Get Wisdom through the book of Proverbs! I hope we can all see the truth of this:

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!

Proverbs 16:16

I encouraged my Growth Group to write down an area of life they would like to be wiser in, to grow in insight and understanding of throughout this series. It was fascinating to hear people’s goals and we all agreed that all of us have room to grow in wisdom.

Through the stages of life, I have often thought I would get to wisdom eventually – but I have discovered I need increasing and new wisdom at each stage! In the end, what I really need is more of the mind of Christ who is ultimately the power of God and wisdom of God.

Why don’t you write down how you would like to grow in wisdom through this series. Don’t be surprised however, if you are challenged in ways you least expected and in areas you thought you needed no work. You have the opportunity this term to make significant changes to your life. But will you?