Ezekiel: Heart of Stone – Heart of Flesh

EZEKIEL 600x600Ezekiel is one of those rarely explored books of the bible. It’s a shame really since it contains some literally awesome imagery. The reader may get tired from chapter after chapter of doom and gloom, but it is worth sticking with it to listen to the amazing power of the gospel right here in this Old Testament treasure. For our middle series of 2015¬†we looked at all 48 chapters of this book – overviewing some sections and focusing in detail on others. It will take a miracle for the heart of man to be undivided toward our God. It will take radical surgery to remove our heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh.

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Acts 1-8: Gospel Explosion – a sermon series in 2015

From February 2015, we’ll be reading through the book of Acts chapters 1 to 8 in church and in our Growth Groups. This historic book describes the formation and growth of the Christian church from the first century A.D.

The book of Acts follows the account written by Luke of the resurrected Jesus who left his eleven eye-witnesses to tell everybody the good news that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and he is LORD! The apostles started in Jerusalem where Jesus left them and they proceeded to do exactly what Jesus had commanded them: to take the gospel to the ends of the earth!

The online sermons from this series can be accessed here.

Summer Series 2014-15 – The 7 Letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation 2-3

It’s a mouthful of a series title! But what the seven churches in Revelation received from the Lord Jesus Christ was quite a mouthful too! Watch this 8 minute intro from our Senior Minister on how the letters in the final book of the bible are about Warming and Warning – the encouragement from Jesus to persevere and the reminder to repent and stay true to the faith of the one who has saved them.

Check out the 7 sermons right here – The Seven Le77ers to the Seven Churches in Revelation

The Word of God – All Scripture is God-Breathed

The Word of God

The Word of GodWe read the bible every week at our church services. We encourage every member of our church to be reading the bible as often as possible. We plan for a bible reading and a bible talk to occur at almost all of our events and activities organised by the church community. So why is it so important to us? Is it from God? Is it trustworthy? Are there other books just as important? How far should we go when applying it’s content to our lives? Does it have any significance for us today?

These are questions – and more – that we’ll be covering in our Sermon Series through November. As we lead into our Christmas season we ask – what is the word of God?

John 1:14 – “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us!”

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Does God Really…?

This short series held over the summer of 2013-14 covered some of the basic questions about God: does he really speak to us…does he really listen…does he really forgive and does he really heal? These questions ask more than whether God speaks, listens, forgives and heals but does he REALLY say anything to my world, does he REALLY listen to my problems, does he REALLY forgive the things that I have done – all of them, and does he REALLY heal – a healing that really works!

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End of 2013 Sermon Series: 2 Timothy – The Word and the Workers

2 Timothy Sermon Series - The Word and the Workers

2 Timothy - the Word and the WorkersCome and hear Rev Nigel Fortescue teach from 2 Timothy at each of our major church services. This sermon series will cover the four chapters of this second letter from Paul to Timothy – two great saints of the early church. Paul, the gospel warrior writes to Timothy, a timid Christian who is instructed to fan into flames, the mission of preaching and teaching the word of God.

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Spring sermon series: John 8 to 13

The gospel of John - I am the resurrection and the life - that's what Jesus said - Spring sermon series 2013 Campbelltown Anglican Churches

John 8 to 13Across most of our church services, we will be hearing readings from the gospel according to John chapters 8 to 13 along with our ministry staff discussing major themes from this section of the bible.

John opens his gospel with the news that Jesus, who is God the one and only, has come to earth in the flesh to bring light into the world. John closes his gospel to explain that he wrote all that he did so that we might know and believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing in him we can have eternal life. This makes the content of his book very profound.

If this eyewitness to all that Jesus said and did has written an account that we can trust, then we have every reason to believe that Jesus has some important things to teach us. Chapters 8 to 13 reveal some very remarkable claims that Jesus made of himself, such as: ‘I am the light of the world’, ‘I am the good shepherd’, ‘I am the resurrection and the life’, and most remarkably, ‘I am!’ – a claim to being God himself!

Join us each Sunday to hear his words for yourself.

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