A Christian Pathway

What will your next step be?

This question assumes that you are ready to take a step somewhere. Campbelltown Anglican Churches have put together a simple pathway to help you take your next step in the right direction. Jesus said, “This is eternal life: that they know you (God) and the One you have sent (Jesus Christ).” Eternal life, in one sense, begins and continues in the knowledge of God as communicated to us by Jesus Christ.

Each of the pathway stations described below leads to the next step. Choosing which place to begin is as simple as answering the self-diagnostic questions below…

Do you want to get to know the Anglican Church in Campbelltown better?

Getting to know the ministry staff, the regular events that occur in and around the church and the main objective or mission of the church is a great place to start. Whether you are new to the faith or simply new to this church, this is an excellent place to begin. ‘O Board’ is usually an evening event that runs several times throughout the year. Held in the church hall, supper is provided and some great information about the church and how to connect well within it. If you feel newish to this church and want to feel more a part of the community, start here. To find out when the next ‘On Board’ event is held and for more information, click here.

ExploringChristLOGO_CroppedDo you want to discover what Jesus really said and did?

‘Exploring Christ’ is a really special course that takes participants right back to the events of Jesus’ life. There are four sessions which go for about 90 minutes each. Usually these are run on a Sunday afternoon but occasionally are held on week nights. The course emphasises knowing the true God through the way he has communicated to us. For more information and to find out when the next course is being run, click¬†here.

Do you want to move forward in your faith?

Following Jesus as your Lord and Saviour is what life is all about! ‘Firm Foundations’ is an eight week exploration for opening up several life changing things about being a disciple of Christ. This course is for new and old Christians alike. It unpacks eight amazing things that every Christian ought to know in order to start living and growing in Christ.¬†Find out more here.


Growth GroupsDo you want to join a Growth Group and grow in maturity together with other Christians?

It makes sense. The bible not only loves community, it endorses and assumes that Christians will meet together in order to build one another up in the faith. Sure, Sunday services do this but meeting in smaller groups provides stronger relationships which are caring and perfect for coaching one another in walking faithfully with the LORD. It is all about coaching and caring. Growth Groups meet in homes and church meeting rooms throughout the week to pray together, read the bible and discuss how to live out and grow stronger in the Christian faith. Find out more about Growth Groups here.

Going Further

The above four steps in our Christian pathway are just the beginning – they are the bread and butter of moving forward in the Christian faith. There are plenty of ways to keep on growing and we provide many opportunities to learn more about God through His word. Campbelltown Anglican Churches run classes throughout the year with special focuses. We also offer private study material and ways for you to dig deeper into God’s word. At this point, it would be worth talking to one of our ministry staff about what is next for you. None of us ought to stand still for too long. Inquire today to work out how to keep on moving!