God’s Big Picture Plus+

God's Big Picture Plus+ courseThe bible was not written to be opened randomly and read like a book of quotes. Of course, there are plenty of verses which stand on their own with great inspiration, but even those great verses shine when read in their context.

Many have had trouble with the bible because it appears to present contrasting views within itself. Again, this is usually because the whole book is not taken into account to understand its parts.

God’s Big Picture Plus+’ is a course designed to help you see the overarching story of the bible. The course is based on a book by Robert Vaughan with additional (plus+) material presented in class.

The course stretches over 10 weeks and is made up of set readings from the book plus 1.5 hours per week in an interactive tutorial-style lesson. The classes are very relaxed and lots of fun. 10 weeks may sound like a long time and yet it is such a small space to provide an overview of the whole bible.GodsBigPictureBookCover

Who should consider doing this course? Well, every Christian should really have a grasp of what the whole bible says. This course does more than just cover the table of contents of the bible. It weaves the observer through the storyline that God has given to us. This story is a beautiful adventure full of love, passion, revelation, war, disaster, hope, courage, strength and a powerful hero who will stop at nothing to save his people.

People wanting to attend the course need not know much about their bibles, but knowing what the gospel is – that is essential. Please consider whether you need to attend the Exploring Christ and Start Living courses prior to attending this course.

To show interest in the next course and to receive details of dates, fill in a connection card at church or contact the office.