Baptisms are a wonderful part of church life. They are a celebration of the salvation that comes only through the Lord Jesus Christ. Just before Jesus ascended back to heaven, he told his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. All who heard the good news and repented, were invited to be baptised.

This water ritual is no less than a declaration to all that Jesus is both Saviour and Lord. Adults who repent of their sins and seek to lead a new life as a follower of Christ may be baptised. Children of such believers may also be baptised as a promise that the child will be brought up as a faithful member of the church, following Jesus Christ.

For these reasons, we love baptising adults, children and sometimes whole families!

Campbelltown Anglican Churches welcome all who are active members of our church or who wish to learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and sincerely believe the promises of God, to meet with us and discuss what it means to be baptised. Our church provides a helpful learning path for all who desire to know God and begin a life of following Jesus as Lord.

Download a copy of the baptism service here to read of the promises and life commitments that are made. Knowing our maker is a pursuit worth every effort.