Start Living

Start Living logo - move forward in your faithTurning to Jesus as your saviour is a monumental step in your life of faith. But what do you do next? How does a person move forward in their understanding of who God is and what he intends for their life?

At ‘Start Living‘, you will learn the foundations of what it means to be a Christian and be equipped to understand the world that we live in with much more clarity. Being a Christian is not something that someone else can do for you – but knowing how to proceed in your Christian faith is not a mystery because God has spoken to us through the bible.

Come and enjoy 8 topics covering the basics of what a Christian life looks like. Understanding these basic truths will equip you for a lifetime of knowing our great God and knowing him in truth.

The ‘Start Living’ sessions usually run over 5 weeks on a weeknight and finishing with a big day on Saturday! The Saturday always proves to be the highlight of the course and runs from 9:45am to 3:15pm with morning tea and lunch provided.

For further details, contact the office or fill in a connection card on Sunday!




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