Jesus said that this is eternal life: to know God and Jesus Christ who he has sent. There is no greater task for us in life than to get to know our creator.

This task is not a mystery or guesswork but occurs when we read the bible. The bible is a book and that is that. But it is a book that reveals the living God to those who will read it and listen.

Campbelltown Anglican Churches is committed to helping people to understand who God is and how he has reached out to us in love. This section of the site outlines a few of the training material and courses that we support and/or run.

Exploring Christ

Start Living

God’s Big Picture Plus+

Moore College Distance Learning

Don’t put off taking your next step in knowing God. Contact the office if you would like help knowing where to begin.

For an overview of our Christian pathway – moving forward in your Christian faith –  see this post: A Christian Pathway

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