Serving the Students and the Gospel

Dear friends,

One of the responsibilities that our Parish Council has had for more than 30 years is electing persons to serve on the Campbelltown Anglican School Council. The Council has responsibility for running two schools – Broughton Anglican College and St Peter’s Anglican Primary School. The primary objects of the Council are to educate young people in ways consistent with the teaching of the Bible, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the doctrines of the Anglican Church in Australia, and to maintain and uphold the Christian faith in teaching and practice.

Members of Council work together to control, manage and conduct the business of the school through finances, policy and governance in accordance with various acts, regulations and rules. It is a complex but enjoyable responsibility and members work with men and women from a variety of churches both locally and around Sydney.

In December a new Campbelltown Anglican Schools Council Ordinance was created and the Parish Council now have the responsibility to elect one person each year to the School Council.

There is currently a vacancy on the Council and we are on the search for people interested in serving. Meetings are held in the evening of the 3rd Wednesday of the month and members must be Christian people who are active members of their church and who have a cleared WWCC. They need not attend our church but ought to attend a Christian church and must be able to sign the Apostles Creed as a declaration of their belief.

Currently the Council is in need to people with financial acumen. The ability to read and analyse a balance sheet and understand accounting reports is a good start but a person who has incisive knowledge of accounting would be excellent. We are also seeking female nominees as the current gender balance on Council is poor. It should also be noted that if you have relatives working for either of the Schools you cannot be elected to the Board.

If you or a person you know are interested in serving on the Council, please encourage them to have a conversation with David Busutel (Council Chair) or myself for more information. If you or a person you know are keen to be nominated and considered by Parish Council for the vacancy on Council, speak to me or a member of Parish Council and we will give you a nomination form that you can fill in so Parish Council can know the credentials and qualities you would bring to the Council. Nominations are open but must be made by the first Wednesday of March.

Please pray for the Schools and Council and Parish Council as they seek to fill this vacancy.