God’s Big Picture

The bible is a worldwide best-seller and yet many, even Christians, find it difficult to comprehend. Jesus himself gave his disciples insight into what the bible is all about. ‘God’s Big Picture Plus+’ (GBP+) is a course designed to lead you through the whole bible, showing how the different parts fit together as Jesus understood it. This course, with the aid of a book by Vaughan Roberts plus extra class material, will help you to unravel the many parts that make up this one truly profound story.

If you find yourself loving some parts of the bible and yet finding other parts tricky, confusing, weird, or even irrelevant, then please come to the GBP+ course. All who attend Campbelltown Anglican Churches are welcome.

This course will begin at 2:30pm on the 27th of August, 2017, and will finish on the 5th of November. There are 8 workshops and there will be 3 weeks to catchup on life and reading along the way! Each lesson will last 90 minutes. A $10 donation to cover materials is required.

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