Come away together!

It is just 42 sleeps until our Church Weekendaway! We are all heading together on March 22-24 to Waterslea on the beautiful Shoalhaven River just west of Nowra for a weekend of community growth! 

I could not count how many church weekends I have been on but I do remember when they were called a “Houseparty”. The first one I remember as a child was neither at someone’s house nor did it feel like a party! But it was a chance to hang out with friends, meet new friends, learn from the Bible and take time out from the busyness of life in God’s creation.

And that is just what we hope our Church Weekendaway will be for you! 

Come away together to hang out with friends. We will eat meals together, do activities together and spend a whole weekend in the presence of people you know and love! There is plenty of time for fun and games and perhaps even a bit of cycling! 

Come away together to meet new friends. In a church with many services it is impossible to know everyone and it is not uncommon for people to discover that someone they know in a different context goes to the same church! People are often lamenting not knowing others and this is the perfect opportunity to fix that. Young and old growing community together. 

Come away together to learn from the Bible. Richard Chin, National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and Director at Wollongong University, is coming to speak to us. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who delights in God’s Word and will encourage us to be increasingly devoted to maturing in Jesus. For me, Weekendaways have been some of the real momentum boosters for my faith as I have had time to listen to God, think and pray over his Word and really let it sink deeply into my mind and heart.

Come away together to take time out from the busyness of life in God’s creation. The views across the river as the sun comes up are second to none across weekendaway sites. For the later risers, the daytime views are not too shabby either! Life can be overwhelming in its busyness and taking a weekend to put normality behind you and rest a little is often more restorative than you expect. There will be plenty of time to sit with a cuppa and breathe deeply. 

Come away together on March 22-24. 

Registrations are open but closing soon. 

Don’t miss this.


In Christ,

 PS. On Sunday March 24 only 8am at St Peter’s, 9.30am at St Andrew’s and 10am Macarthur Indigenous Church will be on.